Walkabout - street photography workshop


Join photographer Stian Schioldborg and me on an exciting and challenging photographic workshop, where you will learn more about street photography.

We'll start in the busy and trendy area of Vulkan (Mathallen), and gradually move down towards Grünerløkka, hunting for good images and interesting stories in many different environments.

We will walk together as a group, and Stian and myself will show you our working methods. Not only our photographical methods, but also how we act as humans. This will not be about technical stuff, but about the hunt for great images in daily situations and environments. It will be about the decisive moment, how to read a situation, intuitive composition and of course storytelling. You'll get loads of practical tips, tricks and thoughts about being an observer wanting to capture great situations and images.

Our walkabouts are aimed at those who want to push themselves into becoming better photographers. The easist thing in life is to keep on doing things like you always have, just like leaving your comfortzone might feel unpleasant. But doing those things only lead to stagnation. We'd love to do something about just that!

This street photography workshop will be an exciting journey through different environments in our capital, and you will give you tasks to solve and creative challenges so you can grow as a photographer.

The walkabout lasts for 5 hours, and the course fee is NOK 1.750,- per person. You don't need a lot of technical knowledge or a crowded equipment bag, but you do need to have the desire to become a better street photographer. Join our walkabout by sending me a message through the contact page, and I hope we will see you on one of our walkabouts!