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Nature photography workshop


Join me on this practical photography workshop, where we explore some of the stunning visuals that the small paradise of Jeløy in Moss has to offer. Here you will find a varied and beautiful landscape with a plethora of photographical opportunities. Rough lavarocks and a magical forest. Water and reed. Beaches and beautiful alleys. Stone fences. Charming buildings. And not to forget, the best pastries in the world at Galleri F15.

My goal is to give you inspiration and knowledge, and teach you how see and think differently the next time you look through your camera. Light, composition, and finding good images are important keywords, and also the techniques. I'm not going to focus on all the technical stuff, but I will teach you what you must know to produce good images you will proudly hang on your wall.

We'll have fast and slow shutterspeeds, artificial reflections, and you'll learn how to create and shape your own magical light with simple objects. There will be small details, big landscapes, abstract subjects and exciting textures. And of course, honey! You'll get loads of tips, tricks and techniques for creating exciting images.

This workshops is tailored towards everyone who wants to learn more about how to photograph nature and landscapes. From beginners to those who feel they know a bit, but would like a creative boost and maybe some new ideas.

The workshop lasts from 17:30 to 22:00, and is limited to 7 participants to make sure everybody is well taken care of. The course fee is NOK 1.350,-- You can join by sending me a message through the contact page, and I hope I'll see you at my workshop!