Lifestyle nature photography workshop


Lifestyle photography is about showing situations with lots of positive energy. This type of imagery is used both for information and advertising. Just have a look at newsletters, ads for products and services, brochures, magazines etc. Images that show happy people at the beach, people excercising, walking in the mountains, sitting by the campfire or riding bikes in the nature. The goal is to make the viewer want to be present in that situation. So the images often sell emotions and feelings rather than just display a specific product.

Together with a professional model, we will explore beautiful nature locations by the ocean, and you will learn a bunch of practical tips and tricks for shooting lifestyle images. We will create a varied set of images, that range from the typical Santa Monica Beach summer-feeling-pictures, to mystical romantic forests with moss and ferns.

During this evening, we will work on finding suitable locations, get the perfect energy from the model, and utilize, create and shape the light. You will learn both theory and practical knowledge, and maybe also get a creative boost with new ideas. It'll be a little bit about technique, but mostly about aesthetics.

So if you want to learn how to photograph good lifestyle images with lots of energy, this might be the workshop for you. I will go through practical techniques, light, posing, dialogue with the model and much more. You will need to have an understanding of basic camera technique, and know the equipment you bring.

The workshop lasts from 17:30 to 22:00, and is limited to 7 participants. The course fee is NOK 1.950,- (includes a model). You can join by sending me a message through the contact page on this site, and I hope I'll see you at my workshop!