Training feedback

Feedback from workshop participants

My goal is to offer high quality photography courses and workshops at an affordable price, and preferably with a slight twist on both content and presentation. I can offer lots of energy, passion, madness and of course really useful knowledge! A big thank you to each and every one of those who have attended my workshops through the years, and here are a small selection of the many hundreds of messages I have received:

«More! More! More!»
«This was revolutionary good!»
«Very inspiring and instructive.»
«Worth every penny! Damn good!»
«Incredibly fun and exciting workshop!»
«Very interesting and inspiring workshop!»
«I can't wait to start working on my images!»
«Thank you so much for a very good workshop!»
«Very educational in conveying difficult themes!»
«Thank you for a really good workshop on Photoshop!»
«Incredibly good! I want more workshops from you guys!!!»
«I'm thrilled after a fantastic and very instructive workshop!»
«I learned more in two days than I have done in the last 5 years!»
«This workshop was so good I wouldn't hesitate to attend it one more time!»
«Very happy with the workshop - and nothing but good feedback from all those who attended!»
«As usual, you deliver high quality content in an educational way, so that both amateurs and more advanced users can learn!!»