ONE-On-ONE photography TUITION

Do you need to learn more about photography, or maybe you just want to take your passion one step further without attending a group workshop? Maybe private tuition is the right thing for you.

I offer personal training / one-on-one tuition sessions of 3 or 5 hours. These can be booked separately, or combined if you want a more in-depth training over time. Many people start with a 5 hour session, and build on that with one or more 3 hour sessions later. Others only want one session of 3 or 5 hours on a very specific topic. The possibilities are endless.

If you have thought about what kind of tuition you want, I can help you set up a course plan that fit your needs. How much, how long, and what to cover, is of course up to you.

Some popular subjects are:

- Camera technique, functions, buttons and equipment
- Lighting with existing/natural light
- Lighting with flash/artificial lights
- Portrait photography and/or environmental portraits
- Interior- and architectural photography
- Editing/post processing

When we agree upon what to cover, I work out a tailor made course just for you. The training takes place at a plcae of your choice, for instance at home, at work or at a location that fits the subject. No travel costs are added if the tuition is within a radius of 50 km from where I am located, but parking fees comes in addition. If you are ready to take your passion one step further, please send me a message through the contact button here on the website.