Photography workshop in Trondheim - portraits, lighting and walkabout


Join photographer Stian Schioldborg and me on this exciting and creative two-day workshop in Trondheim, on portraits, lighting and what we call a walkabout. We will be working both inside and outside, and we will create great portraits both in the studio and on location. And we'll also create rough street portraits.

We start friday at 17:00, and keep on working until 22:00. During this practical evening, you will learn how to use light, and how to create different kind of moods in our images. It will be a practical and creative boost, where we will deal with natural light, existing light, continuous light (LED) and strobes.

On Saturday, we'll have a walkabout from 10:00 to 16:00 where we will go hunting for interesting locations in the city of Trondheim. We will create images outside on location, but who knows, we might find some cool environments inside too.

You will learn how to use light on location, and we will twist and turn the natural and existing light, shape it with diffusors and reflectors, and also add our own light with small LED-panels and strobes. You'll get to work with interesting and challenging assignments, and we'll give you the opportunity to grow.

Our walkabouts are aimed at those who want to push themselves into becoming better photographers. The easist thing in life is to keep on doing things like you always have, just like leaving your comfortzone might feel unpleasant. But doing those things only lead to stagnation. We'd love to do something about just that! 

Stian and myself have arranged and taught photographic courses and workshops since 2006 for individuals, as well as a long range of companies and photography clubs. We have also written the very popular Norwegian inspirational and how-to book on photography «Fotoglede - slik tar du bedre bilder» («The Joy of Photography - how to take better pictures») that was released on the Exlibris Media publishing house. We have also appeared on national television (the morning show on TV2) numerous times to talk about photography, inspiration and passion.

This two-day workshop costs NOK 2.950,- per person, and is aimed at those who wants to push themselves into getting better at working with light on location, composition and photographing portraits. Join this workshop by sending me a message through the contact page, and I hope we will see you in Trondheim!