Two day photography workshop in Stavanger


Join photographer Stian Schioldborg and me on an exciting and instructive photography workshop in Stavanger. Two days full of photographic inspiration and knowledge.

We'll start at 17:30 on Friday, and keep on working until 22:00. Throughout this evening, we will teach you how to find and see what to photograph, how to compose good images, how to tell good stories, and how to create good light.

We will also go through the most important technique, buttons and functions you need to master on your camera to be in control, and how to use that knowledge to be a more creative photographer. It will be a mix of theory and practical tips, and we will view and discuss loads of images. We will also deal with things we all find challenging as photographers. 

On Saturday, we will start at 10:00 and keep on working until 18:00. We'll dig a little deeper into composition, problem solving and storytelling, and we will also have a sequence on how to use light. No matter if we are using natural or artificial lighting, light itself means so much to our images.

Then we'll move on to some practical camera excercises. You'll experience first hand how the technique we discussed on Friday can be used when shooting to create even better images. After that, everyone will go out and photograph. You'll be presented with some exciting, fun and challenging tasks, and this is a great opportunity for you to really evolve and get better with your camera. And that's what we want - for you to get better!

When images have been captured and the tasks have been solved, it is time for image selection and image reviews. We will look at and discuss images from all the participants, and you will get useful and helpful advice and feedback that can help you evolve even further. A very valuable sequence! In addition to that, we will take some of the images and see what some post processing and editing can do to an image. You'll learn how things like cropping, adjustments, and the use of colors or black & white can bring out the full potential of an image.

Stian and myself have arranged and taught photographic courses and workshops since 2006 for individuals, as well as a long range of companies and photography clubs. We have also written the very popular Norwegian inspirational and how-to book on photography «Fotoglede - slik tar du bedre bilder» («The Joy of Photography - how to take better pictures») that was released on the Exlibris Media publishing house. We have also appeared on national television (the morning show on TV2) numerous times to talk about photography, inspiration and passion.

The complete course costs NOK 2.950,- per person, and includes a comprehensive 140 page PDF course booklet. This workshop weekend is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users that love to photograph, but wants to take their images to the next level.

You can join by sending me a message through the contact page on this site, and we hope to see you on what will be an energetic, inspiring and entertaining photography workshop weekend!