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Photography on national breakfast TV on TV2

Together with my good friend and colleague, Stian Schioldborg, I've made a long range of live TV performances about photography on norways biggest commercial TV channel, TV2, and their breakfast TV-show «Good Morning Norway».

It all started when we launched our book «The Joy of Photography» on the «Good Morning Norway» show in December 2010. Since then we've been back on the show regularly. Together with the TV hosts Vår Staude, Jan Øyvind Helgesen, Nils Gunnar Lie, Signe Tynning, Camilla Laache, Reidar Buskenes og Peter Moi Bubresko, we give the viewers tips about photography, arrange photo competitions and have lots of fun with images. We talk about pictures during different seasons like Easter, winter, Christmas and summer. We show you how you can shoot into the light, compose pictures, use depth and movement, and how you can make your own calendar. We also give you tips and tricks about how you can shape the light from a flash with some greaseproof paper and some aluminum foil from TV-cook Wenche Andersens kitchen. We also talk about digital post processing, and using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. TV2 also came with a camera team on one of our photo workshops, the photo walkabout.

Here are some still images from the different breakfast TV shows.

GMN21_2.jpg GMN21_3.jpg
GMN_20.jpg How to take better cellphone pictures
GMN_18.jpg God Morgen Norge 17
God Morgen Norge 16 God Morgen Norge 15
God Morgen Norge 14 God Morgen Norge 13
God Morgen Norge 12 God Morgen Norge 11
God Morgen Norge 10 God Morgen Norge 9
God Morgen Norge 8 God Morgen Norge 7
God Morgen Norge 6 God Morgen Norge 5
God Morgen Norge 4 God Morgen Norge 3
God Morgen Norge 2 God Morgen Norge 1