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Are you looking for a freelance copywriter in Norway? Well, you've come to the right place. And who knows, maybe I'm the right person for your project.

Background and experience

Even though many of my clients know me as a photographer, I have over 25 years over experience as a copywriter and writer. Back in 1986 I started writing for magazines, and I have no idea how many hundred (or thousand?!) published pages of text I'm guilty of. I've done everything from interviews, product tests, articles and feelgood stories, to information and promotion text in catalogues, brochures and ads, and also translations between english and norwegian. I have written and done lots of TV performances for the breakfast TV show «Good Morning Norway» on TV2, and as a lecturer and speaker, I write all the presentation and teaching material myself. So far, the cream of the crop have been to write and publish the 300 page how-to and inspirational book on photography «The Joy of Photography - how to take better pictures» on the norwegian publishing house Exlibris Media in December 2010.

Who am I?

I'm no deep digging journalist, working in the dark corners of the world, revealing multinational conspiracies. I'll never be one either. Call me a storyteller. One that gets the message through to, and understood by the receiver. And I love the written word. Sounds like a real cliché from a bad soap opera, but I really do. Both english and norwegian. It's fun to wrestle with text. Twist and turn it around. Make subtle adjustments that mean a big difference. Juggle the words, so the message is delivered in the best possible way.

Method of working

Sometimes I'm asked to write all of it myself, with no other limitations than a theme and the number of words. Other times, the client has a partly finished text that needs to be rewritten and made more to the point. And sometimes it might be a longer process with several meetings, discussions and reviews before the final result is ready. But no matter what, I'm flexible when it comes to the time, place and way of working together.

Text or pictures?

It is said that we are becoming more and more visually oriented, and some even seem to think that text is a thing of the past. If you ask me, the message can get so much stronger when text and pictures play along in harmony. And both of them doesn't have to come from me, far from it. It may me my words to someone elses pictures, or vice versa. But it is true that we are more visual now than before. In the old days, you often saw large amounts of text and hardly any pictures. Now it's often the other way around. Lots of pictures and very little text. But even though it's often less text now than before, it doesn't mean that the text is less important. On the contrary. You see, it's easy to write lots of text. What's difficult, is to get to the point in as few words as possible, and still communicate good. One of my strengths, is that I work professionally with both text and pictures. I understand them both. Individually, and together. So when I'm writing, I get images in my head, and when I'm photographing, I make up stories and texts in my head. In short, the interaction between pictures and text.

Contact me!

If you think that I might be the right person, don't hesitate to get in touch through my contact page and explain what your request is about. No matter if it is a single project, or a long term collaboration, I hope we can do exciting things together!