My name is Eivind Røhne, and I have many years of experience as a photographer and filmmaker/videographer for commercial, corporate and editorial clients. I live at Hvam, Romerike, not far from Gardermoen and Jessheim. Even though Oslo and Viken (Akershus) are my main working areas, I have clients all over Norway and also abroad. I travel wherever my clients needs me to be, to make photographs or videos on their behalf.

One of my specialties in both photography and video, is people, and I photograph portraits, illustration images, lifestyle and fashion. Two other specialties are industrial images and architectural photography. I also deliver drone images and videos, and I'm a licensed (A1, A2 & A3 certified) and insured dronepilot.

My goal is to deliver high-quality images and videos, and offer great customer service. I work closely with my clients, ad agencies or editors throughout the whole process, but I'm also very self-driven and can work independently when needed.

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Foto: Emilie Røhne

Images and videos is a business investment for communicating a message, and I'm a regular content creator for many of my clients. With over 20 years of experience, I have a well trained visual eye, and an understanding for visual communication.

In addition to this, I love sharing knowledge, and I've taught photographic workshops since 2006. I've also written and photographed the book «The Joy of Photography - how to take better pictures» together with a good friend and colleague. A 300 page inspirational and how-to book on photography that became a huge success on the norwegian publishing house Exlibris Media. I have also done close to 25 live television appearances on Norways biggest commercial breakfast TV show, «Good Morning Norway» on TV2. You can watch a couple of the tv clips and a bunch of stills by clicking here.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for a photographer or filmmaker/videographer, and I'll give you a price quote and my thoughts on how to solve the project.

Best regards,

Eivind Rohne