Who and where is photographer Eivind Rohne?


I’ve been a professional editorial and commercial photographer since the mid nineties. My «main base» is Oslo and the surrounding area, but I do photoshoots all over Norway and also abroad. Both for national and international clients.

What do I photograph?

I photograph people, fashion, interiors, exteriors & architecture, and various subjects for corporate and industrial use. My pictures are for commercial, advertising or editorial use. If you’re wondering if I may be the right person for the job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. If I’m not, I’ll let you know, and maybe I can suggest someone else instead.

Why choose me?

By choosing me, you get a photographer with lots of experience and know-how. Not just about photography, but also know-how about good customer service and how to have a rewarding and professional dialog throughout the whole process, with good planning, execution and delivery. And by the way, all the pictures I have ever delivered, are still stored in my image archive, and I can supply new copies of earlier jobs should a client ever have the need for that.

Basically, I’m a visual problemsolver, and I'm positive, enthusiastic and in a good mood. My goal when I look through the camera viewfinder, is to create pictures with strong compositions, and with good use of colour and light.

In addition to beeing a professional photographer for many years, I also have nearly ten years of experience as a project manager in the IT business, working with implementation of IT systems, change management, and making work processes more efficient. So you don't risk getting a «creative clown» by calling me, you'll get someone with a left side brain also that can deal with logic, planning and running my own business.

How do I solve assignments?

I can work both independently or close with the client or the advertising agency. And some of the most important things I can bring to a photoshoot, isn't just my camera kit, but my many years of experience with «seeing pictures» and making good images.

Inspiration and motivation

Sharing knowledge and motivation is important and fun! That's why I teach photographic courses and workshops, and I've also done lots of speaches about photography for both commercial companies and state departments, focussing on inspiration, motivation and creativity. I've also written and photographed the book «The Joy of Photography - how to take better pictures» together with a good friend and colleague. The book is a 300 page inspirational and how-to book on photography, and it has been a huge success on the norwegian publishing house Exlibris Media. And I do live TV performances about photography on national television here in norway, on the «Good Morning Norway» breakfast TV show on TV2. You can see the recorded clips by clicking here.

My relationship with my clients

It's important for me to have a close and good relationship with my clients, and several of them have been with me since the mid nineties. I care about my clients and what they do. I like to try and understand what they do and what needs they have, so I can make better pictures they can use in their work.

So if we haven't worked together yet, I hope I'll get a chance to that, and that we together can produce god results we all are proud of and satisfied with!

Cheers from photographer Eivind Rohne

Photographer Eivind Røhne / beyond the ice