Workshop - Digitizing analogue images

LEARN HOW to digitize analogue images
location: OSLO / trondheim / stavanger -  DATe: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Do you have old slides or negatives lying around, or maybe you still shoot analogue film? I have two old Rolleiflex medium format cameras from 1954 and 1965 that I use regularly on personal projects, art projects and some commercial jobs. But how do you get these images to your computer or iPad, so you can do further work on them before printing onto beautiful paper?

You could of course get a desktop scanner, or devices sold at "Kjell Olson" and other stores, which allow you to photograph slides and negatives. Unfortunately, neither of them delivers particular good quality (my personal opinion), and certainly not the quality your analog photos deserve. And dedicated film scanners that have good enough quality are unfortunately very expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain.

At this workshop, you will learn how to digitize your photos efficiently and in high quality using your own camera, and transfer them to an iPad or computer for further work. Regardless of whether they are slides or negatives, color or black and white, 35mm or 120 roll film.

I'll go through all the equipment and software you need to create a complete analogue-to-digital darkroom that takes up little space, and is fast and easy to work with. We will use high quality equipment from VALOI, which actually costs no more than a half-decent desktop scanner. Because with VALOI, you  will get a good quality light source, with colour temperatures that can be adapted to slides, negatives and black/white film, and they also have a wide range of  tools that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to bring your own negatives/slides that you can work with, because you'll learn better working on your own images than mine. Remember that many of the photo classics throughout the ages are the result of good darkroom work, and you will learn the basis for achieving that yourself with your own photos this evening. Right from digitization until the image is ready for print. I'm aiming for a fun and educational evening!

The workshop lasts from 1730 - 2130, and the price is NOK 1.500 per person. Use the contact form here on my pages to sign up. I hope to see you at an exciting analogue-digital workshop!